Times Of India features WebSide on their Front Page!


If the heading didn’t get your attention, this blog post probably should! In a shameless act, Times Of India ripped off our Independence Day Doodle that we created back in 2011, you check this, this and this to get an idea of what we did that fascinated TOI to use our Doodle without any proper …

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[Infographics] Fakebook – The Rise of Facebook Bogus Users


We’ve heard a lot about Facebook actual user base touching 1 Billion and so forth from different sources, but recently Facebook in a quarterly filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), disclosed that about 5% of its 955 million members (monthly active users) have duplicate accounts and around 83 million of them are …

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Facebook Clustering – Future of Relevancy & Search?

clustering of facebook

We have long seen Facebook clustering data through feed post when changing profile pictures, sharing links, friending people and scores/stats from games & apps. Facebook has recently added yet another sophisticated upgrade to its clustering mechanism, by grouping posts through topical hubs. To give you a better understanding on ‘topical hubs’, look at the screenshot …

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Happy 65th Independence Day!

Independance day wishes

“A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new…India discovers herself again. – J.L.Nehru (on 15th August 1947) WebSiders would like wish all Indians a “Happy Independence Day!“, we’ve made a special wallpaper out of our logo by customising with Tri Colors found in Indian …

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Thinkers v Executers – Whom do you need?

executers and thinkers

As a startup, you come with a great vision and goals, combined with the high caliber of entrepreneurship. You are on your first mission (not to mars!) to find people who share your vision, you then share your vision to your newly found team. With an urge to take things forward, your team is pepped …

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